• PannaCrema Shaving Soap - Lavandotto

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  • PannaCrema Shaving Soap - Lavandotto

    Lavandotto is a perfect herbal blend of lavender and bergamot. Lavender has antidepressant and calming properties, while bergamot is a mild anesthetic that can soothe minor shaving cuts.

    One of the most important ingredients in PannaCrema shaving soaps is tallow, a rendered form of animal fat, rich in saturated fatty acids. Saponified tallow does a great job of giving a nice rich creamy lather and good conditioning properties.  Other precious oils in the recipe are: coconut oil, castor oil, and the excellent shea butter, which has very good conditioning and soothing properties. This ingredient will soothe burns, reduce wrinkles, help heal acne and even provide natural UV protection.  The presence of kaolin, an Italian white clay, gives the razor blade a unique slipperiness.  One of the byproducts of saponification is glycerin, so precious that generally industries remove it from the soaps to sell it separately. PannaCrema does not remove the glycerin produced during the saponification, but rather adds more, to fully exploit its moisturizing, lubricating and emollients properties.

    Hand Made with passion in Rome, Italy by Marco - Master Soapmaker, PannaCrema

    Size: 140 ml (4.7 oz.)

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