• Osma French Triple Milled Liquid Soap - Olive Oil

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  • Osma French Triple Milled Liquid Soap - Olive Oil

    PROVENCE, is one of the most famous France areas, well known for its ground rich of natural resources but also for its craft know-how.  Natural, wild, perfumed, peaceful… A lot of adjectives are used to describe PROVENCE. This real part of heaven has seduced its inhabitants but also a lot of tourists for centuries.

    Unique landscapes, perfumes that what we want to make you discover through:  La Manufacture En Provence

    Inspired by what PROVENCE is made of, and put in agreement with current tastes our products are as easy to use as efficient.  In order to respect this ground and to take care of its sustainability, our cosmetics are made with Organic ingredients.


    The Osma soaps’ master used the French traditional method: the triple milled process.  Osma only uses vegetable oils, heated in a caldron and mixed with naturally-derived potassium.  Since the chemical reaction is done, the formation of soap begins.  Respecting this traditional method, Osma offers soaps with a high level of natural glycerin, known for its moisturizing and anti drying properties.  Osma offers a large choices of perfumes from Provence: Lavender, Almond, Sea Fennel, Mandarin, Olive, Black Soap

    Made in France

    Size: 500ml (16.9 Fl Oz) easy to use thanks to its pump system.

    Scent: Olive Oil