• Neutro Roberts Hydrating Bar Soap 100g

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  • Neutro Roberts Hydrating Bar Soap 100g - 1 bar

    Neutro Roberts Hydrating soap lathers on thick and creamy, gently cleansing your skin leaving it with a pleasant aroma.  Glycerin is an organic compound with an active hydrating power.  The natural glycerin in each bar of soap helps to restore your skin and protect it daily.  

    Neutro Roberts is a leading personal and skin care brand from Florence, Italy, owned by the famous house of Manetti & Roberts. The name "Neutro" comes from the fact they were the first in Italy to produce skin care product that are pH neutral and since then Neutro Roberts has become synonymous with gentle and mild skin care.

    Neutro Roberts produces a high quality range of products for the entire family, from deodorants, to solid and liquid soaps, bath foams, shower gels, hair care and facial care. Italians have very high standards in personal care and Neutro Roberts continues to lead the way with pH neutral product that are gentle and mild for the skin.

    Made in Italy

    Size: 100 grams

    Neutro Roberts