• Ming Shi 3000S Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

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  • Ming Shi 3000S Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

    Let's not mince words. The New Ming Shi 3000S adjustable razor which is an attempted clone of the Gillette Adjustable is priced at a point that is almost too good to be true...to be frank, the quality is not jewel grade but it's definitely unbelievable that they are able to make an adjustable razor in this price range compared to all the other adjustable razors on the market. I have no clue how Ming Shi is doing this but sometimes it's better not to ask too many questions and just give it a try. The 3000S has been heavily requested by our wonderful clients and here you have it, for under $16! 

    Adjustable: 9 different settings

    Weight: ~  2.54 oz (72 g)

    Length: ~   101.8 mm including head - The approximate diameter of the handle 11.4 mm. Matte adjustment ring. Approximate Diameter is 15.6 mm

    Made In China

    *Includes 5 Ming Shi Double Edge Razor Blades & Handle Plastic Travel Case**

    **PLEASE NOTE: This is a very inexpensive adjustable razor that is made in China. If you are going to buy this razor, do NOT expect perfection both in finish and mechanics and set your expectations accordingly. If you are expecting an adjustable like a Merkur Futur or Rex you are sure to be disappointed by the Ming Shi. We want to give you this note of caution because we sold a lot of the other Ming Shi 2000s and they are built to be cheaper inexpensive adjustable razors; they are fun to use but clients expecting high quality will surely not be satisfied. Please take a pass if you are picky about quality.

    Ming Shi