• Luxury Complete Shaving Kit with Brush, Stand, Razor and more - Kit # 0014

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  •  Luxury Complete Shaving Kit with Brush, Stand, Razor and more - Kit # 0014

    We get a lot of calls and emails from people interested in giving wet-shaving a try.  The first question is... "Where do I begin and what do I buy?"

    We have made it really easy for you beginning wet-shavers and put together a perfect "complete wet-shaving starter kit" with some of the best-selling products.

    That's not all!  We've also taken over 15% off the regular retail prices to make it easy for everyone to back on the road to Luxury shaving and because it's over $60, you even get FREE SHIPPING! BAM!

    Here is what you get...

    • 1 x RazoRock Mission 3-piece DE safety razor with solid brass handle, beautiful chrome plating and 20 blades! - $19.99
    • 1 x RazoRock Synthetic Badger shaving brush with solid resin handle - $16.99
    • 1 x RazoRock chrome over solid brass shaving stand, very high quality stand! - $18.99
    • 1 x RazoRock "Zi Peppino" Italian Shaving Soap, 125ml - $6.99
    • 1 x RazoRock "Zi Peppino" Aftershave Balm, 100ml - $9.99
    • 1 x RazoRock Alum Stick, 60 grams - $5.99

    Stop paying $3-4 for replacement cartridge razor blades and getting inferior quality shavings. Traditional wet shaving is inexpensive and will give you a barber quality shave!  

    Double edge razor blades are very inexpensive, they cost $0.10 to $0.15 each for high quality blades, versus $3 to $4 for modern Gillette cartridge replacements.

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    Wet Shaving Kit