• Leocrema Nutritive Body Cream for Dry Skin

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  • Leocrema Nutritive Body Cream for Dry Skin

    Silk effect with pure silk extracts - Vitamin E - D-panthenol

    Deeply Nourishes and produces a soft and elastic skin.

    Thanks to the fact that it is enriched with pure silk extracts, vitamin E and panthenol, this formula nourishes the skin deeply and restores its natural suppleness and elasticity. It is rich and creamy, specially designed for dry skin.

    - The pure silk extract gives the skin softness and smoothness.

    - Vitamin E strengthens the natural defenses of the skin and protects it from external influences by keeping the natural pH.

    - The D-panthenol balances the hydrolipidischen film.

    It is quickly absorbed, non-greasy and best applied 1 or 2 times a day on the whole body and always after swimming or showering.  DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.

    Size: 400 ml

    Made in Italy