• Leocrema Buttocks Lifting Cream

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  • Buttocks "push up" effect cream enriched with Caffeine, Phytoextracts and Natural Polypeptides.

    Specifically formulated for the buttocks, this cream with shaping effect carries out an instant lifting action, forming a fully fledged cosmetic sheath. Its firming and toning effect helps to reduce weight on the buttocks and strengthens the skin's support tissue, leaving it soft, smooth and supple. Used on a daily basis, it helps achieve toned, sculpted and reshaped buttocks.


    Apply daily, preferably after the bath or shower, to dry skin. Massage the buttocks with upward circular movements, treating one side at a time. To keep results obtained apply the cream twice per week. For optimal results, we recommend you exercise regularly and follow a sound, balanced diet.


    Caffeine: reduced accumulations of fat through intense lipo-reducing properties.

    Lespedeza Phytoextracts: draining action, guarantees toxin elimination and the reduction of body liquids in excess.

    Natural Polypeptides: forming an invisible film on the skin, firming tissues and granting instant tone.


    Made in Italy

    Size: 200 ml