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  • Krampert's Finest - Frostbite After Shave

    The Frostbite story

    by Brian Krampert

    I make my products, first for me, then I share them with others when I think they're ready. Soon after making my Acadian Spice Bay Rum I decided I wanted a summer "after the shave". I didn't know what I really wanted, but I leaned toward a menthol. It took me 2 years to decide what I wanted it to be, longer still when a supplier of raw materials went out of business, but it's been worth it. The result is better than I ever anticipated.

    OK, what is it? The first thing it isn't is an "aftershave". Think of it as an "after the shave". It is not a cologne for the day - none of my products are, but Frostbite even less. After approx 30-40 minutes most of the scent will be greatly reduced or completely gone and your cologne of the day will take over. You don't really want to smell like menthol for the day do you? It does have a scent and different noses catch all or only parts. You'll need to decide what your nose picks up. Some of the scent is there because it intensifies the face freeze and is actually an active ingredient. The menthol component is quite pronounced, but it's short lived; more on that in a bit. I will tell you that it's definitely not a bay rum - it's totally different. 

    But what IS it!? it is a face freeze. In testing some testers thought it was going to be too strong for lots of folks. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Some folks have also said it gives them tears because it's so strong. But it is extremely cooling; and still quite safe. No one has ever accused me of pussy footing around. Life is too short to play games.

    Be sure to shake it immediately before application. It should be milky at application. Apply it to perfectly dry skin, remember it's absolutely loaded with essential oils and wet skin will repel them. It might take a few seconds for the cold to build after application, and about the time you think you can't take any more intensity, it will level out. The sensation is enhanced with an extremely close shave, so aggressive razor users, you'll really get a ride! (I love it!) The cooling sensation has been reported to last for up to 30 minutes, but it tapers off the entire time. 

    Frostbite is incredible on the skin, better than anything I've ever made previously. Everything my Acadian Spice Bay Rum and 80 Below is noted for is also in Frostbite; and it has much more. It's loaded with large amounts of essential oils; frankincense being one of them. Frankincense isn't inexpensive (I nearly embarassed my undies when I first saw the price!) and it's there in a large amount, not merely a token amount to get it on the list of ingredients. Unfortunately the price reflects it, but it's there for the skin (and other benefits - see the link below) and I won't adulterate it. I don't make products down to a price, but up to a quality and I always will. I know of no other manufacturer using frankincense in the quantity that I'm using it in the Frostbite.

    If you obseerve the product through the bottle you'll see the essential oils floating at the top. Be sure to shake it. You don't want a pure slug of them on your face. Shake it to get the proper ratio dispensed.

    For those who want to know more about why I insist on including frankincense in the Frostbite, check here. You can read the entire text, but if you cursor all the way down you'll cut to the chase and save time. 

    Size: 4 oz

    Made in the USA