• ItalianBarber.com Limited Edition 2012 Semogue Brush

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  • ItalianBarber.com Limited Edition 2012 Semogue Brush

    Painted Beech Wood Handle

    Natural Boar Bristle Premium 90% tops

    Knot: 22mm

    Loft: 55mm

    The ItalianBarber.com Limited Edition 2012 brush is hand made in Portugal by the Gomes family. Modelled after the legendary Semogue 1305 brush, this brush has been tweaked to suit my own personal preferences. I have loved the Semogue 1305 handle and knot for a long time, but I've always wanted it with un-dyed bristles; I've also wanted it with my own custom paint-job! The Gomes family agreed to make us a special small batch of these brushes and we are happy to offer them to our loyal customers. This brush is a terrific performer with both hard soap and softer soaps and creams. Once fully broken-in, it's tips will be soft yet it maintains plenty of backbone. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!  

    **Please Note: This is a painted handle brush and painted handled brushes are delicate; very hot water (soaking the handle), knocking of the handle when lathering and rough use can lead to paint chipping; if this is a concern for you, please select another brush with a more durable finish; we can not replace the brush after use.

    Click on the picure of the brush to see some great shots of our brush taken by a Wet Shaving Expert - Teiste Brito

    THANKS for sharing these pictures with us!

    Joseph and Michael