• Institut Karité Paris Extra Gentle Bath, Vervaine Lemon

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  • Dual purpose extra moisturizing shower wash and bubble bath.

    Institut Karité Paris Extra Gentle Bath Lotion is a unique formula enriched with 25% shea butter that moisturizes and softens sensitive skin. Delicately perfumed, it leaves the skin soft, smooth and beautiful.  It is available in many wonderful fragrances.

    Institut Karité Paris has developed a very exclusive and unique Shea Butter-based cosmetic line.  The cosmetic features of Shea Butter are rich and provide exceptional vitamins that help to meet the skin's essential needs : Vitamins A and D for skin revitalization, Vitamin E for reoxygenating and Vitamin F for elasticity.  Institut Karité Paris is unique thanks to the fact that the whole line is simple and natural and has a high concentration of Shea Butter.

    Scent: Vervaine Lemon

    500 ml / 16.91 fl. oz.

    Made in France

    Institut Karite Paris