• iKon Shave Craft 101 Double Edge Razor With Bamboo Handle

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  • iKon Shave Craft 101 Double Edge Razor With Bamboo Handle

    The Shavecraft 101 is what I call “The Best of Everything Razor!” Why? Because it has so many positive attributes and offers things that it’s competition simply does not.

    Let’s start with the materials. You get a bamboo look 316L (marine grade and machined) stainless steel handle with the best knurling in the business, mated to an aircraft grade aluminum head with a VERY high quality coating. Both these materials are corrosion resistant and build for a lifetime of use.

    How about the shaving qualities? You get a dual head! Open comb on one side and safety bar on the other, giving you unparalleled versatility. I use the open comb side on my first pass and the safety bar side on my second, and sometimes third pass. Those that shave less often will really appreciate the open comb side for slicing through multiple days of growth. The razor is probably a ‘3 out of 5’ on my personal aggression scale and shaves very efficient; a perfect daily shaver.

    Lastly price. At 75 bucks, this is one of the best ‘bang for buck’ razors on the market; it ain’t cheap but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better built/better quality razor at this price.

    The Bamboo handle is well suited for gents with small to medium sized hands.  The handle length is 87mm and the diameter is 12.5mm

    Made in USA

    iKon Razors