• I Provenzali Sweet Almond Oil Massage Candle

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  • I Provenzali Sweet Almond Oil Massage Candle

    Size: 65ml

    Scent: Sweet Almond Oil

    Artisan Made in Genova, Italy by Saponificio Gianasso



    Relaxation, enveloping fragrance, moisturizing action

    The product consists of: Pure Sweet Almond Oil *, Shea Butter *, Coconut Oil *, Fragrance, Vitamin E (tocopherol). (* totally vegetable raw materials)

    For lovers of the fragrance of almonds, a cosmetic that is good for your skin, suits smell pervades the environment. The Massage Candle Sweet Almond Oil is the new way to ensure that the daily act of taking care of themselves, will turn into a very natural time to relax, to enjoy in solitude or in the company of those you love.

    • Without Allergens
    • Does not contain waxes or paraffins
    • It is composed of only vegetable oils and butters cosmetics

    How to use:


    Turn the candle and wait for the content to become totally liquid (about 15 minutes), then turn off the candle. Pour the desired amount of product in the palm of your hand and proceed with the massage on the body.

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