• Fine Stackable Stoneware Soap Bowl - White

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  • Fine Stackable Stoneware Soap Bowl - White

    Features Include:

    1. The Perfect Fit for Fine Classic Shaving Soap
    2. Solid Stoneware Construction
    3. Stackable & Color Coded
    4. Retro Shave Brush Inspired Design
    5. 9 cm Diameter x 5 cm Height

    These Fine Soap Bowls have been meticulously designed to make your soap happy, and to elevate your shaving ritual to new heights of luxury. Sporting solid stoneware construction, a stackable design, and multiple (scent matching) colors, they also feature a full 3 cm of loading room above the puck, and a compact 9 cm outside diameter - which should fit most medicine cabinets.

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