• Fine Clean Vetiver Aftershave Splash

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  • Fine Clean Vetiver Aftershave Splash

    Sophisticated yet contemporary, Clean Vetiver is a versatile, all-season fragrance. Containing all the spice and smoke of vetiver, but with a dash of citrus at the top and a sprinkle of tobacco at the base, this could be the one you’ve been looking for.

    Invigorating and cooling, but in no way uncomfortable, Fine Aftershave Splash is designed to deliver a flawless after shaving experience. Just four simple ingredients, masterfully blended, Fine Aftershave Splash has everything you need and nothing you don't. Contains only:

    (1) Alcohol - Dries and sanitizes the skin.

    (2) Water - Moderates the alcohol sting.

    (3) Fragrance Oils - Add a pleasing opening bouquet and a subtle hint of freshness throughout the rest of your day.

    (4) Menthol - Perfectly complements the Fragrance Oils with a refreshing burst of cool that constitutes a gratifying crescendo to the job at hand.

    Size: NEW glass bottle comes equipped with a convenient flow restrictor insert, enabling easy application of the perfect amount of Fine Aftershave Splash each and every time.

    Artisan Hand Made in USA



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