• Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor with Stand - AS-D2

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  • Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor AS-D2 New Model - 2013 including Stand

    The Feather All Stainless is a precision tool designed for someone seeking “the best of the best”. I urge you to Google search the ratings and reviews of this razor before taking your wallet off your hip, to find out what others are saying about the Feather All Stainless; after all this is an expensive razor, but, in my humble opinion, you are getting a ton value for your money.

    Includes a 5-pack of Feather Hi-Stainless, Platinum coat double-edge blades and Stainless Steel Stand

    Made in Japan.

    *We recommend using Feather's DE blades, though this DE razor will accomodate any other DE Safety Razor blade you might prefer.