• Feather Nape And Body Razor Blades 10 Pack

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  • Feather Nape And Body Razor Blades - 10 Pack


    • Designed for Feather Nape And Body Razors
    • Made in Japan

    Features & Benefits:

    The Feather Nape and Body razor blade is honed and ground to a very sharp edge with a mesh guard wrapped around the cutting edge to prevent the blade from cutting into the skin. It is small by design so it is easy to maneuver in tight areas. It is protected but allows the maximum amount of blade exposure to perform with precision and ease.


    Designed to fit the Nape and Body Razor. The thin guard around the edge of the stainless steel blade provides a close yet safe shaving experience.  The blade is designed to get in tight areas and for ease of shaving.

    Article #: F1-30-300