• (EDT) Barrister and Mann Rhapsody - Eau de Toilette

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  • (EDT) Barrister and Mann Rhapsody - Eau de Toilette

    Scent Description From Barrister And Mann:

    Please note that there may be a bit of sediment that precipitates from Rhapsody EdT. We opted not to filter the product for the initial launch, but will be filtering it for all future restocks. Any sediment is purely cosmetic and will not affect the product in any way.

    In the mid-1980s, the House of Nicolaï released a beautiful, stately fragrance for men under the name New York. Bright and citrusy, but with distinct floral and spicy elements, it soon became a favorite among men of wealth, power, and prestige. Patricia de Nicolaï herself, catapulted by the success of this and many other masterpieces bearing her signature, eventually became director of the Osmotheque, the world's scent archive. In the wake of her meteoric rise and continually prolific work for her House, many of her earlier creations, including New York, have been largely forgotten in favor of newer, shinier aquatics and dry, earthy vetiver/citrus creations.

    But not everyone has forgotten them.

    In the spirit of the title "New York," we decided to incorporate the scent of pear blossoms, which bloom in Central Park in the springtime and have a famously pungent odor, into a citrus/floral/spice structure to symbolize the beauty of Spring (when the snow finally melts). Because using only our pear blossom accord made the fragrance rather heavy, we decided to lighten it with the scents of apple and cherry blossoms, incorporating all three accords into a base of lemon, orange, orange flower, rose, bay, thyme, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, lavender, and vanilla. The result was a clean, sweet, citrusy scent with a distinctly floral cast and a richly smooth base, perfect for still-chilly Spring mornings where it's hard to justify getting out of bed.

    Size: 30 ml. Assembled in the USA from Domestic and Imported Components.

    Directions for Use: Spray it on! We don't recommend spraying fragrance on clothing because it can stain, so our usual method is to spray some on your neck and wrists.

    Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Fragrance

    Barrister and Mann