• (EDT) Barrister and Mann NIGHT MUSIC - Eau de Toilette

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  • From B&M:

    Because this is our first foray into full perfumes, we're starting off slowly; only a limited number of bottles have been made. We plan to scale up for future releases and fragrances.

    Size: 30 ml

    Night Music EdT has an expected wear time of 8-10 hours.

    Considered by many to be one of nature's greatest aphrodisiacs, vanilla's use in perfumery and grooming can be traced back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians crafted vanilla-infused oils as offerings to the gods and the Romans often anointed themselves with oils of vanilla and other precious plants before attending their grand banquets. In 1925, the great perfumer Jacques Guerlain made history when he chose to incorporate vanilla into the exquisitely animalic Shalimar, regarded as one of the greatest perfumes of all time.

    Barrister & Mann has brought the raw beauty of vanilla to shaving with Night Music. We blended heaps of vanilla with peppery bergamot and silvery iris to form the core of the fragrance, then layered the whole thing on top of five different musks to create the raunchiest, naughtiest fragrance we’ve ever smelled in shaving. We finished it off with just the tiniest fraction of strawberry, so light that you’d probably never even know it’s there, to sweeten the design and make it just a little bit more fun.

    Barrister and Mann