• 66-60 Alt-Innsbruck Dolerma Antiseptic Emulsion - 100ml - (For Kits - CSKB)

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  • 66-60 Alt Innsbruck Dolerma Antiseptic Emulsion

    Italian Barber isn't your average wet shaving and toiletry shop.  What makes us different and what separates us from the local chain stores is we search the globe looking for the best of the best products to make you look great, smell great and feel great! Dolerma antiseptic emulsion is one of these special products.  Very few people know this brand but it's been around for over 60 years in Austria.  Like many people, I'm not blessed with perfect skin.  My t-zones can get oily and my cheeks and neck can get dry, occasionally I will get a pimple or two and as every year passes I notice more age lines.  No product will reverse the hands of time but with there are products that help.  Dolerma is one of them. Every ingredient that goes into Dolerma is there for a reason and it's been scientifically blended with only the most natural oils and extracts. Wheat, water, alcohol, lanolin wax, lemongrass, camphor, menthol and xantham gum... they are all there for a reason and this unique and time-tested formula will leave your skin cleaned, rejuvenated and moisturized. Dolerma is free from from any artificial additives such as colorants, fragrance, petroleum, silicons and preservatives, making it the smart choice for irritated and sensitive skin.

    Dolerma can be used with Primalan and it is suggested to use Dolerma first and then apply Primalan afterwards. Dolerma Antiseptic Emulsion is a non greasy formula which is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin leaving it rejuvenated and moisturized.

    Shake well before use.

    Size: 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)

    Made in Austria

    Alt Innsbruck