• Crown King (Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements) Aftershave - Sacre Bleu Ice Monsoon

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  • Crown King (Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements) Aftershave - Sacre Bleu

    Sacré Bleu- Ice Monsoon 

    For those of you familiar with that classic bottle of cooling blue aftershave your dad or grand pappy may have used, this face friendlier version is for you! Aside from that familiar scent and menthol blast you will also experience the soothing touch of Aloe, Glycerin, Rose Water and Alum! This scent would definitely fool ol' pops but we can assure you ingredient wise, this is a whole different animal. Not to mention it will last all day and possibly more! 

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      Each of Crown King's Aftershaves/Colognes are an artisan blend of top shelf ingredients. Long lasting and face soothing, it's not about how many ingredients but the quality of ingredients! Read more below on what's in side and why.

      Alum (tones, refreshes skin and antimicrobial), Aloe Vera (healing, moisturizer,anti fungal & antibacterial), Glycerin(moisturizer and smoother)..

      Rose Water:Rose water can be beneficial to all skin types, it can help sooth and cool sensitive and irritated skin, balance and cleanse oily skin, rejuvenate, soften and tone mature skin, revitalize and add glow to the normal skin. Rose water is filled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins, therefore, it can help prevent the signs of ageing and nourish the skin.

      Rose water also has natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

      Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has been used for a host of purposes since the ancient Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality.” Since then, its uses have become more targeted and medicinal. Aloe vera is a cactus plant that belongs to the Liliaceae family. It grows in dry climates such as those found in parts of Africa and India and has been used medicinally for centuries. Aloe leaves secrete a clear gel that when broken off from the rest of the plant that can be applied topically to heal wounds and soothe skin.

      3.5 Fl. Oz 

      Glass Flask Bottle w/ Easy Pour Top

      Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements