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  • Description by Douglas Smythe:

    Part 4 of our Tang of the Spheres (Odor Universalis) Series 


    For those in a rush Here is the scent profile: pungent, energizing and intoxicating, containing delicate floral notes with a whiff of citrus, honey and green/spicy facets. Comforting yet exotic with a slight element of mystery. Think Temple of Doom type "mystery" vibe.  

    For those of you that missed it, Planet 9 is the rebirth of Neroli...hmmm, that sounds kind of vague, no? Let me explain.

    Neroli is an essential oil & absolute produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium subsp. amara or Bigaradia).

    It is a very unique scent with such a rich history when it comes to perfuming, you could say it's a perfuming rockstar. Not only is it one of the most used notes in the biz, it was also the shining star of the world's first Eau De Cologne over 300 years ago!

    Historically Known For:

    • An Exotic, Classic Masculine Scent 
    • Aphrodisiac Effect (you're welcome)
    • A Calming, Relaxing Effect on Mind
    • Antimicrobial & Anti-fungal Properties
    • Regenerating benefits for every skin type
    • A Soothing Natural Anti-inflammatory
    • Aphrodisiac Effect (again, you're welcome)

    [and this is just a few things this stuff is known for!]

    "But what exactly is the scent profile Doug?"

    Great question...

    Planet 9 is instantly pungent, energizing and intoxicating, containing delicate floral notes with a whiff of citrus, honey and green/spicy facets. Comforting yet exotic with a slight element of mystery. Think Temple of Doom type "mystery" vibe.

    We originally put out Neroli 5 years back and immediately a cult following grew around it! Our Neroli Deodorant really put us on the natural deodorant map too with much fanfare!

    But then as we grew and introduced more scents it seemed to have fallen off the radar. I admit it was odd...and though it broke our hearts, we pulled it due to dropping sales.

    But I digress...So up till recently, Fran and I had no idea our Neroli was still being talked about in a big way, sought after even!

    This was partly because the buzz was in forums we are not a part of or don't have the time to participate in. If it had not been for our recent AMA on the Damn Fine Shave Forum we would of still been ignorant of the demand...THIS really put a smile on our faces, we could bring our baby back...and better than ever!

    After perfuming for more than 5 years now, it would be interesting and fun to go back to one of our earlier scents and apply some of our experience and skill we've since attained.

    So I immediately set to work on revisiting our Neroli and pulled out all the stops when it came to redefining the scent. If you are a fan of Fran's past Neroli, Planet 9 is that x 10!

    The scent you fell in love with in 2012 is still intact, but I have given it much more depth, shape and dimension. I really tweaked it and brought more of the subtle, natural characteristics of Neroli to the mix...I found it's soul!

    (man, that sounds so bloody pretentious...I need to find a better way to say that...but until then, it's clear I'm a dork and I apologize.)

    Moving on...

    Not an easy or cheap task at all, but this was about passion before profit. Planet 9 contains Neroli Absolute, Neroli Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Water and Neroli Blossom Tincture, giving you, the wearer, a never before wholeness of the scent that had yet been done with an aftershave, to my knowledge.

    Something New (not hyperbole)

    Creating the tincture was really an interesting/ eye opening part of the process, that I really only explored more recently with my Creosote Aftershavewhich is a whole different animal compared to what I am trying to accomplish with Planet 9, and then there is Vetiver Planet. With each new attempt I finally had a break through/insight/epiphany with Planet 9! Read on...

    Using Neroli Blossom Tincture

    As most of you know by now, I choose to use Hydrosols or Flower Waters a lot with my perfuming, rather than just water. I find this adds another subtle layer, a ghost note as I have come to call it...well, turning the alcohol base of the aftershave into a tincture is like the other side of the equation. Now both parts of the liquid base (water & alcohol) contain an imprint of the Neroli Essence!

    This was a whole new realization on my perfuming path, a paradigm shift in my thinking.

    The Process

    Finding the petals of the Bitter Orange Blossom proved challenging but I love a good adventure as you know. Once procured, a precise amount of petals was added to the menstruum (alcohol) and allowed 6 weeks to macerate.

    Historically the batch would be shaken once a day to agitate the mix, but I chose to keep it on a magnetic stirrer 24/7. Each day the color got deeper and deeper, from a weak yellow to an brilliant golden orange! What a lovely site to behold when the time was up...Pure Alchemy!

    This slight glimpse alone into the task will give you an idea of what went into Planet 9, and what sets it apart from all other aftershave/Colognes...yet there's more!

    You will also find nothing but the best ingredients in Planet 9, what you've come to expect from Phoenix Shaving: Vegetable Glycerin, Hedione, Seaweed Extract, Aloe and Alum! Great face saving ingredients with the all day staying power of a cologne...Boom! You will immediately feel the difference!

    Planet 9: A Whole Newer & Truer Neroli Experience!

    3.5 Classic Flask w/ Orifice Reducer

    Ingredients: Alcohol, Neroli Essential Water, Essential/Fragrance Oils & Resins Glycerin, Hedione, Seaweed Extract, Aloe, Neroli Absolute, Alum

    Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements