• Crown King (By PAA) Aftershave Cologne - LAVENDER PLANET

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  • By, Douglas Smythe: 

    There's nothing more soothing and uplifting than the calming scent of Lavender, so much so I decided to layer Lavender on top of Lavender on top of Lavender on top of lavender...you get the picture. 

    Lavender truly is one of the most versatile essential oils known to man. It has been used throughout history as a sleep aid, First Aid, air freshener, skin care and cure all; cleanses cuts, heals bruises and soothes burns. The scent is ultra calming, relaxing and balancing as they say in the aromatherapy world. The possibilities are endless and that's why I chose to not only use it in my latest Aftershave /Cologne but also Feature it! 

    Made with 6 Different Lavenders!

    I have cherry picked the best representations of the flower essence from all over the world; Kashmir Lavender Hydrosol or flower water ( Himalayas ), French Lavender Essential Oil, Spanish Essential Oil, English Lavender, South African and Bulgarian Lavender Absolute! [NOTE: Can be used as EDT as most of my splashes.]

    I choose to use old school perfuming methods rather than slapping together a basic splash to create what I think is one of the best Aftershaves out there! Each batch of my aftershave/cologne is matured for 4-6 weeks and different choice ingredients are added at different points along the way.

    I truly believe you can feel and smell the difference in my splashes. Great post shave feel and face saving ingredients can be found in every bottle I craft with the all day staying power of some of the most expensive boutique perfumes and colognes! I believe in providing both high quality and value...or I won't put my name on the product!

    3.5 fl. oz Flask

    Ingredients: Alcohol Denat (SDA-40B), Lavender Hydrosol, Lavender Essential Oils, Hedione, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bulgarian Lavender Absolute, Alum


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