• Chiseled Face Hand And Body Bar Soap - Pine Tar

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  • Chiseled Face Hand And Body Bar Soap - Pine Tar

    Chiseled Face artisan handmade natural oil hand and body bar soap formulas are fastidiously crafted to deliver a gentle, skin-friendly soap that offers a rich lather and leaves your skin feeling healthy, smooth, and brilliantly fresh.

    Chiseled Face hand and boy bar soaps can be used in the bath, for your hands, or on your face. It’s a real soap and it cleans what’s dirty.

    Scent: Pine Tar - It’s not a fresh, clean pine forest scent, but a warm, dirty, gritty scent associated with hard work and callused hands.  What is pine tar? It’s a natural tar extracted from pine tree roots by heating or burning it in oxygen reduced atmosphere. Today most people only know it as the substance baseball players use to get a tight grip on their bats, but it has a far more colorful history than that. It has been used to waterproof tall sailing ships, and to treat the rigging ropes against rotting while in use. It has been used as an antiseptic, and a treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.  Does it actually cure skin diseases? Chiseled Face has no idea and is not advertising or making any claims that it does. Pine tar soaps have been made and loved for well over 100 years.  Note: Chiseled Face pine tar is made using a closed-kiln process and as such is creosote-free.

    Size: Approximately 4 oz (113 g) bar of soap in a draw string bag.

    Ingredients: Sodium Olivate(Olive Oil), Aqua(Water), Sodium Cocoate(Coconut Oil), Sodium Palmate(Sustainable Palm Oil), Sodium Castorate(Castor Oil), Fragrance, Sodium Lactate.

    Artisan Made In USA 

    Chiseled Face