• Charcoal Goods L2 Open Comb Safety Razor - No. 0028

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  • Charcoal Goods is an artisan razor maker out of Pasadena Maryland, USA. Brian Twilley, the man behind the brand, is making some of the most beautiful safety razor pieces in the world today. All Brian's pieces are number engraved and one-off limited editions. Many hours goes into machining and especially finishing his razors. Truly heirloom pieces, these are razors meant to be passed on to the next generation.

    Here we have razor # 0028 from Brian. It's his mid aggression open comb design. Fully machined from solid brass with an antique finish. The handle is Brian's Twin Helix design, insuring a secure grib and feel. The underside of the base plate is engraved with the piece number, the Charcoal Good symbol and the aggression level. The design is similar to a vintage Gillette New but Brian has taken it up to another level. What you have here is truly one-of-a-kind and something very special.

    Razor Number: 0028

    Aggression Level: 2

    Weight: ~ 3.2 oz

    Handle Length: 3 inches

    Charcoal Goods