• Cera di Cupra Face/Body/Lip Deluxe Bundle

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  • ItalianBarber brings you a complete deluxe bundle curated specifically for healthy skin.

    Cera di Cupra is a skin care line that is revered in Italy, primarily formulated around the use of virgin bees wax and honey extract.

    All the Cera di Cupra products are made and dermatologically tested in Italy.

    Prevent the ravages of time using some of the best skin care Italy has to offer.

    What is included in the Younger Skin Deluxe Bundle:

    1. Cera di Cupra Sensitive Skin Face Cream, 50 ml
    2. Cera di Cupra Hand Cream, 75 ml
    3. Cera di Cupra Body Lotion, 300 ml
    4. Cera di Cupra Nourishing Protective Lip Balm, 10 ml
    5. Cera di Cupra Regenerating Anti-aging Lip Balm, 10 ml
    6. Cupralight multipurpose moisturizing cream, 150 ml
    Cera di Cupra