• Catie's Bubbles Before and Aftershave- Le Piment De La Vie

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  • Catie's Bubbles Before and Aftershave - Le Piment De La Vie

    Catie's Bubbles Before and Aftershave are handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients that are carefully selected to provide superior performance. This is a specially designed splash meant to be applied 2-3 minutes before lathering to help draw moisture to the skin for an improved shave and again after the shave.

    Ingredients: Alcohol denat (SDA-40B), distilled water, sorbitol, fragrance, white willow bark extract (salix alba), menthol (mentha arvensis), allantoin.

    Scent: "Le Piment de la Vie" or "The Spice of Life" is a very complexly fragranced shaving soap formulated for extra slickness. It is sweet and spicy and earthy and just all around amazing.

    Size: 4 fl.oz (120 ml)

    Made in USA

    Catie's Bubbles