• Booster Aquarius Aftershave 400ml

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  • Booster Aquarius Aftershave 400ml

    When a product has been around for close to 100 years, that has to tell you something. Booster aftershaves have been a Canadian classic since the 1920's. Peak your head into barbershops all over Canada and you'll find these aftershaves on the counters of new and old generation master barbers. Not only do they offer tremendous value (400 ml for under $13), they come in 6 great scents and their performance is wonderful. Just like the bottles advertise, they are the perfect way to finish a traditional wet shave and will leave your skin feeling cool, refreshed and soothed. Their best seller is the Polar Ice, which some say is similar to Aqua Velva but personally I think it's closer to the now discontinued Italian Blue Floid. Five other wonderful scents are offered, Oriental Spice, Iced Lime, Bay Rum, Aquarius and MY personal favorite, Mosswood. Give these aftershaves a try, you might just discover the best value aftershaves on the market.

    Booster Aquarius has a fresh, citrus-y side and leaves your face feeling clean and crisp.

    Size: 400ml / 14 fl. oz.

    Made in Canada by The Canadian Booster Co.