• Boellis Colonia Assoluta - Spiga

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  • Boellis Colonia Assoluta - Spiga

    The house of Boellis celebrates 90 years of existence in 2014 and wants to mark their anniversary by launching the collection of luxury eau de cologne, which are only available at several select locations in the world and ItalianBarber is proud to have been selected as one of them. The fragrances were named Chiaia 9, Condotti and Spiga after the most famous streets of the cities: Naples, Rome and Milan. The collection is available as Collonia Assoluta, which makes these three fragrances even more concentrated and long-lasting.  All three fragrances of the Boellis collection were created to present the most famous streets of the cities in Italy, well-known for their art, unique architecture, fashion and beauty.

    Scent: Spiga - A bright citrusy fragrance with a luminous, energizing and cheerful opening. Sparkling citruses intertwine with essences of bergamot, lemon, oranges,  petitgrain and rosemary. When united, they remind us of old, classic colognes reinterpreted in a luxurious and modern way. The heart of the composition overpowers luminous citruses with flowers of neroli, aromatic lavender and carnation, on a precious base of vetiver and musk.

    Made in Italy

    Size: 250ml