• Barrister's Reserve Aftershave Splash - LAVENDER

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  • Some days, you need an aftershave but you don’t want a fragrance that’s in your face all day. Enter Barrister’s Reserve: Lavender is as smooth as lavender can get. Based on a beautiful aftershave from Wales, this is the scent described by famed perfume critic Luca Turin as "Summer wind made smell" and "the greatest lavender of all time." We definitely agree.

    • Elegant, smooth lavender unlike anything you've smelled before.
    • Traditional alcohol splash loaded with allantoin, aloe, chamomile, witch hazel, and other soothing ingredients to make your skin look and feel better post-shave
    • Glycerin, sodium lactate, and panthenol keep your skin supple without feeling greasy or sticky
    • Beautiful screen-printed bottle adds a touch of refinement to your morning

      Size: 100 ml

      Made in the USA.

      Barrister and Mann