• Barrister and Mann Nocturne Tonique Aftershave Splash

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  • ***Available at NOON EST on September 4th, 2018***

    Barrister and Mann Nocturne Tonique Aftershave Splash

    Scent: Returning Autumn Seasonal Last Made in 2014) (Leaves, Apples, Benzoin, Wood Smoke/Birch Tar, and Cinnamon)

    Scent description by Barrister and Mann:

    Anyone who’s been there will tell you that, in New England, Autumn is the best time of year. The trees turn vivid colors, the weather becomes perfectly brisk, and the apple and corn crops are harvested and made into all kinds of wonderful foods to enjoy. The scent of woodsmoke fills the air and fallen leaves litter the ground, crunching pleasantly underfoot wherever you go. It’s a wonderful time, and at the center of it all is the cider mill.

    Cider mills are incredible places. The smell of apples suffuses the walls and a wood fire usually burns in the corner. Trays and trays of apple cider donuts fill the tables and counters next to carafes of hot cider and coffee. The buildings smell wonderful and we wanted to capture that smell in soap form. After long experimentation, we blended the scents of apples, newly fallen leaves, woodsmoke, benzoin, and the faintest touch of cinnamon to create a slightly smokey, faintly spicy, wonderful scent perfect for the crisp, clear days of Autumn.

    Size: 3.5 fl oz Net Wt.

    Made in USA

    Barrister and Mann