• Acca Kappa Pure Badger Bristle Toothbrush - Soft - Green

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  • Acca Kappa Pure Badger Bristle Toothbrush - Green

    Enjoy a thorough yet gentle tooth and gum cleaning with the Acca Kappa Pure Badger Bristle Toothbrush. Crafted from only the finest genuine natural badger, these durable bristles will perform much longer than commonly used nylon or other synthetics, offering the user the medium-soft feel that is recommended by dentists and preferred by most. Hand crafted in Italy the handle is very comfortable to hold and provides for easy reach to all angles of the mouth.  Attractive and practical, once you use an Acca Kappa pure badger toothbrush you will never pick up a drug store toothbrush again!

    Italian brand Acca Kappa have been creating luxury bath and beauty products for over 50 years (most commonly seen in Four Seasons Hotel suites worldwide).  These difficult to find toothbrushes are hand cut, milled and handle shaped from biodegradable cellulose acetate with natural bristles. The cellulose is non-toxic and biodegrades at the same rate as that of an oak leaf.

    Colour: Transparent Lime Green

    Type: Soft (Morbidissimo)

    Made in Italy

    Please note: In the event that this colour is not available, we may substitute with a different colour

    Acca Kappa