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  • Fulco Abbate, you may never of heard of the man but this is a man with a strong dream and vibrant passion. Fulco, a native Tuscan from La Maremma, along with his wife Elisa and their families work the land of this magical region. One of the products they are most proud of is their rare and high quality saffron grown right on their family farm. Fulco, a very passionate wet shaver had the dream of creating a saffron based shaving soap. Saffron, the most precious spice in the world has been know for centuries to have many great benefits for the skin. I can't officially make any claims here but I welcome you to research it yourself and I assure you that after you shave with this soap you will have a much better understanding. Fulco Abbate teamed up with third generation artisan soap maker Paola Barile and it took them two years to formulate their special shaving soap, the result is nothing short of spectacular!

    Description by Abbate Y La Mantia (Translated from Italian):

    This is our masterpiece shaving soap. Pure SAFFRON pistils is saponified in the base that in its fragrance. It was created to bring the highest level our project of saffron use in shaving products. This spice, as well as giving the soap its fundamental properties eudermic and mechanical, also has an ancient and elegant fragrance. The intense yellow color of this soap is naturally given by saffron and not from chemical dyes. 

    Size: 150 ml

    Made in Italy.

    Presentation: Beautiful Italian heavy glass jar. The soap comes packaged in a presentation box with beautiful family wax seal.

    Abbate Y La Mantia