• 5 Bolzano Superinox DE Blades, 1 pack of 5(5 blades)

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  • Bolzano Superinox Double Edge Blade, 1 packs of 5(5 blades)

    The amazing Bolzano Blade (or Lama Bolzano in Italian) has been Italys best-selling, most popular DE razor blade for almost a century. Loved by Master Italian Barbers and experienced wet-shavers this high quality blade is considered one of the finest in the world. It is praised for its sharpness and unparalleled longevity. I can personally get 7-10 fabulous shaves from each blade and some of my customers report even longer blade life.

    The one problem with the Bolzano Blades... they are extremely difficult to find! Even in Italy its current availability is low.

    A few decades ago, the production of Bolzano Blades was moved from Italy to Germany and now the blade is produced in a factory in the former East Germany under strict supervision by the Italians. The current blade is made of stainless steel and has an advanced titanium plating process; this guarantees each blade is incredibly sharp but even more important, they are very very smooth!
    The Bolzano Blades are truly outstanding and must be tried to be appreciated. We have done our best to price these blades at the lowest possible retail price in order to benefit our loyal customers. We are proud to offer you these outstanding blades at the lowest price in North America!

    Made in Germany