• 200 Timor Double Edge Razor Blades, 20 Packs of 10 (200 Blades)

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  • Timor Double Edge Razor Blades, 20 Packs of 10 (200 Blades)

    Geisen and Forsthoff’s own brand replacement safety razor blades, branded with their original “Timor” logo from the 1920’s. Timor blades are known for being long lasting and providing a smooth, close and comfortable shave. These stainless steel blades are ice-tempered for improved hardness and longevity. These wonderful double edge blades come in a lovely unwrapped plastic dispenser of which makes it convenient to dispose of the used blades in the back.  Each dispenser contains 10 individually wrapped blades

    20 packs of 10 (200 blades)

    Made in Solingen, Germany