• 100 Derby PREMUM Half Blades (BLACK PACK)

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  • 100 Derby PREMIUM Half Blades for Barber Razors - Black Pack

    These blades are made of Chromium-Ceramic- Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer Coated Stainless Steel.  They provide a premium shave at an affordable price.  These work perfectly in Barber Shavette razors and also work well in RazoRock ECO razors.

    Derby has always focused on delivering the highest value for shaving to its consumers over the last 40 years, with smooth, comfortable and economical shaving. Today, it shines out as one of the leading razor companies in the world with its international standard in blade technology and quality control systems, wide range of products developed for consumers and professionals, wide sales network, high brand value and
    exportation to over 65 countries around the world, in all 6 continents.

    Size: 1 pack of 100 blades

    Made in Turkey