• 444 Aftershave Balm 37g Tube

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  • 444 Aftershave Balm 37g Tube

    Ever get that slight tingling after a clean shave? Are you a menthol lover? 444 is a menthol based gel that puts the fire out!  Made in Portugal, this gel has been cooling men's faces for decades.  It can be used solo or cut with your favorite after shave splash.  It refreshes, hydrates and regenerates the skin after daily aggression from shaving.  If you want that "COOL" feeling, this will do it!

    My favorite way to use it: Add a pea size amount to the palm of your hand and then add a small amount of your favorite aftershave or cologne.  Rub your hands together to mix and apply it to your face. Your face will thank you!

    Scent: Menthol

    Ingredients: menthol, glycerin, distilled water,carboxivinil resin, and disoproprilamin

    Tube: 37 grams