• RazoRock DE1 Safety Razor

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  • The RazoRock DE1 safety razor is inspired by a vintage design from the 1940s, probably a razor very similar to what your Grandfather or Great Grandfather used. The original design became very popular and was coveted by many shavers because it's safety bar on the lead edge of the razor made it safer and allowed the user to shave much faster than previous designs. The design also made the razor relatively clog-proof, when shaving up to 2-3 days of beard growth.

    RazoRock has used modern manufacturing techniques to further improve the design, here is a list of the improvements:

    1. The head is die-cast instead of stamped, making the head more substantial and giving it more weight and feel.
    2. The chrome plating is thicker, allowing for better protection of the metal underneath.
    3. The blade tabs at the side of the DE blade are now covered making the design even safer.
    4. The handle is designed to have increased grip and comfort.
    5. The blade is securely held by more substantial corner posts, making for perfect blade alignment every time.

    Handle Length: ~87 mm

    Weight: 2.7 oz

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