• RazoRock OLD TYPE Open Comb DE Safety Razor - (For Kits - CSKB)

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  • This product only available at Build A Kit in Select Safety Razors


    Modeled after my favorite open comb design, the RazoRock OLD TYPE open comb double edge safety razor is the perfect balance between gentle and efficient. I have yet to find another open comb design that inspires so much confidence yet mows down the hairs effortlessly. The vintage old type open combs are my favorites in the open comb category so it was only fitting to release a similar design under our RazoRock banner. To compliment the beautiful chrome two piece head, we have a designed a solid 90 mm knurled bulldog handle. Better yet still, we are offering this razor for sale at an ultra affordable price point, under 15 BUCKS! If you are a fan of our RazoRock Baby Smooth safety razor, the RazoRock OLD TYPE offers a similar balance of safety and efficiency.

    Weight: TBA
    Head Material: Chromed Zinc Alloy
    Handle Material: 316L machined stainless steel
    Handle Length: 90 mm
    Handle Diameter: 12 mm