• (HANDLE ONLY) RazoRock Vintage THICK Bar Handle - 316L Stainless Steel

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  • (HANDLE ONLY) RazoRock Vintage THICK Bar Handle - 316L Stainless Steel

    RazoRock Vintage THICK Bar Handle in polished 316L stainless steel. These handles are machined out of high-grade solid stainless steel rod stock. The benefit with 316L stainless steel is its corrosion resistance; 316L is a marine grade of stainless that is more corrosion resistant than both 303 and 304 making for a handle that is great in wet/humid environments!  Many customers requested a handle that paid tribute to the Old Gillette Common BAR HANDLE of the past and we did our best to come up with a modern version of this handle and made it available in thinner and thicker options.  The second photo shows the two handles side by side so you can gauge the size of this handle which is the THICK version.  This handle is great for travel since it is shorter and more compact at 76mm long.

    Threading is the standard M5 x .8 and will fit most modern heads from RazoRock, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Merkur and iKon.

    Weight: ~2.5 oz (72g)

    Length: 76mm

    Diameter: 13mm

    The handle is 76 mm long. The diameter of the handle is 13 mm in the middle.

    Tough to beat this price for a solid machined 316L stainless steel handle, upgrade your zinc alloy and hollow handle razor for under 15 bucks!

    *Note: The handles are milled and finished to a tool grade and may have small machining and finishing marks. If you are expecting a perfect finish this may not be the handle for you.