• "From Russia with Love" Double Edge Razor Blade Sampler Pack

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  •  "From Russia with Love" Double Edge Razor Blade Sampler Pack - 35 blades included!

    Experienced traditional wet shavers know that Russian DE blades are some of the very best in the world.  Russian blades are world renowned for their high quality and sharpness.

    ITALIAN BARBER brings you this great Russian blade pack where you can try 4 different types of Rapira blades, the Ladas blades and the Voskhod blades.

    What you will receive...

    1. 5-pack of Voskhod Teflon Coated DE blades
    2. 10-pack of Rapira Super Stainless
    3. 5-pack of Rapira Stainless
    4. 5-pack of Rapira Platinum Lux
    5. 5-pack of Rapira Swedish Supersteel
    6. 5-pack of Ladas Super Stainless

    Made in Russia

    ***Note: In the event that one of the 5 pack blades is unavailable, we will substitute a comparable blades in its place***

    Rapira Blades