• Antica Erboristeria Anti Carie Pro Toothpaste 125ml

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  • Antica Erboristeria Anti Carie Pro Toothpaste 125ml

    Antica Erboristeria has been providing us with its oral hygiene and hair products for over 25 years.

    Do you want a toothpaste with complete protection, do you like the look of white, shinier teeth and do you want to have long lasting fresh breath? Well, Antica Erboristeria has a superb line of toothpastes for you.  Their variety of toothpastes gives you many choices, so you can choose which toothpaste is best suitable for your mouth.

    This exclusive formula with Active Bi-Fluoro & Thyme helps to fight plaque, tooth decay and gum disease. It also contains selected minerals that help re-mineralize the enamel strengthening it and making it more resistant to the corrosive action of the acids released from food and drink.

    Size: 125 ml tube

    Made in Italy



    Antica Erboristeria