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  • Got bad breath? Do you wake up in the morning with terrible morning breath? Looking for a natural and easy remedy? If so, you will want to introduce tongue cleansing into your oral care routine. You won't believe how effective mild tongue scraping is at eliminating tongue bacteria and bad breadth! And don't comprise on quality and buy a tongue scraper made with cheap, low quality materials, treat yourself to the highest quality Italian made tongue cleansers... AMANO!

    The Special Edition Neoclassic has been released on the 25th Anniversary of the launch of the 'Original' AMANO, in 1992.

    Crafted from German 18/8 Austenitic Steel this AMANO is built to last and designed to deliver a superior tongue cleansing performance. The 18/8refers to the proportion of Chrome and Nickel added to create this Surgical Steel Alloy*.

    As with the 'Original' AMANO the design of the scraper head is slightly 'sharper' than for our Core AMANO range. So this AMANO will particularly appeal to seasoned Advocates of tongue scraping.

    We have taken the opportunity to pay homage to the earliest known adopters of the ancient and noble art of tongue scraping. So the packaging wrap chosen for the Neoclassic AMANO 2017 is Imperial Purple - the very same colour worn by the Roman Emperors.

    "Ave munda et lingua" - as they doubtless would have said.

    The Romans were early tongue 'scraper' adopters, as were Asians. More recently Victorian Aristocracy and even President George Washington were keen advocates. The traditional design has now undergone a 21st Century design-refinement in London and crafting in Milan, Italy.

    Amano will swiftly and comfortably remove the trapped food debris and bacteria on your tongue, that causes; bad breath, plaque, dental decay and impacts on taste perception.

    Amano is endorsed by UK & US Dental Professionals and has featured in the British Dental Journal. The American Association for Dental Research say "Tongue bacteria accounts for 80-90% of all cases of bad breath"

    Made in Milan, Italy.

    The head is made of 18/10 Austenitic Steel.


    The exotic feast for the senses of a Tropical Jungle was the impulse for this design.

    With a passing nod to Roxy Music's evocative track - Amazona (Stranded album)

    You can almost hear the haunting strains of Phil Manzanera's guitar solo, echoing out from the lush undergrowth.


    1. Hold the handles of your Amano Tongue Cleanser in each hand
    2. Extend your tongue
    3. Place the head of your Amano Tongue Cleanser towards the back of your tongue
    4. Draw your Amano tongue Cleanser head gently across the surface, downwards toward the tip
    5. Rinse off the accumulated debris
    6. Repeat as necessary
    7. Initially you may find it easier to carry out a number of short strokes - and as you get use to the experience - take longer strokes further up the tongue
    8. Use your Amano Tongue Cleanser before bed and after activities that will lead to a heavy build up of oral debris - such as eating rich food, drinking alcohol and smoking