• Acca Kappa Super Soft Pure Badger Bristle Toothbrush - Model 574

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    Every Since 2005 when Oprah Winfrey declared it her favorite toothbrush in the world, Acca Kappa has been highly sought after and very difficult to source. We often wait 6 months to get our stock replenished at ItalianBarber. They are made in a small Italian town in Italy's North-East called Treviso, since 1869. Acca Kappa produces wonderful fragrances and wellness products but it's famous for it's professional brushes.

    Pura Setola Tasso Morbidissimo - Pure Badger Bristle Super Soft

    Model 574

    Type: Super Soft Pure Badger

    Made in Italy

    Handle Color: 4 colors to choose, use dropdown box to choose your color.

    *You are buying 1 toothbrush, the 4 different colors in the photo are to display the different colored handles.

    Please note: In the event that this colour is not available, we may substitute with a different colour

    Acca Kappa