• "ALLURO" Shaving Soap by Tcheon Fung Sing

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  • "ALLURO" Shaving Soap by Tcheon Fung Sing

    A wonderful description written by Alessandro Pistoia:

    The first stop on a long journey: ALLURO. The project to create this shaving soap was inspired by PASSION shared with true friends that put everyone on the same road. ALessandro Pistoia, LUca Dinaro and ROberto Santini, share a long common goal, put a bit of ourselves into something that many friends, we hope, will use with the same satisfaction with which it was created.  A soap that was realized with skill, handcrafted by TFS that has helped us in achieving it. We wanted a new soap, able to bring its user in a different sensory plan: together we have created the scent with a decided predominance of sambuca, notes of jasmine, prickly pear, coffee flowers and drops of whiskey. But we wanted to go beyond its fragrance: we thought of a strong exfoliation effect, able to return to its user a soap able to oxygenate tissues, promoting a regeneration and helping in the prevention of ingrown hairs. The process for creating this soap which lasted about six months brought us to a shave soap that enjoys a perfect balance of the following ingredients:

    1. Macadamia oil (Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil) which is non greasy and that gives smoothness and touch which serves as a balancing of the lipid secretion of the skin;
    2. Linseed oil (Linum Usitatissumum Oil) obtained by pressing previously toasted seeds, soothing for dry, scaly skin;
    3. Refined coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil) extracted from the pulp of the coconut, with softening and protective properties;
    4. Calamine (Calamine) powder with soothing and protective effect, in the case of highly dehydrated and flaky skin.

    The fragrance, reminds us of Italy and more specifically of the traditional coffee 'chaser' which follows the morning espresso in a traditional Italian bar and we are hoping to bring this scent everywhere in the world of wet shaving. Finally, the label: hand drawn by my life long love, who I continue to thank for her patience and for standing by me every day... (Enza, I love you!). Nothing was left to chance, a journey that lasted six months, brings the satisfaction of a vision, wanted and realized together. Thanks Roberto, Luca, Enza, Stefano Santasilia(for moral and psychological support) and TFS.

    Size: 150ml (5.0 oz)

    Scent: Sambuca, notes of jasmine, prickly pear, coffee flowers and drops of whiskey

    Artisan Made by Tcheon Fung Sing in Torino, Italy

    Tcheon Fung Sing TFS