• Speick Natural Soap

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  • Speick Natural Soap

    Speick Soap – a true classic soap! A gem amongst real soaps for 80 years. Natural soap with nourishing wax cream made from honey, beeswax, moisturising glycerine and nourishing lavender oil. For natural, mild cleansing with a unique classic fragrance. Each Speick product contains the harmonising extract of the high alpine Speick plant from biologically regulated wild harvesting (kbW). 100 % free from mineral oil-based ingredients.
    Speick Natural Soap is expertly crafted using the traditional boiler distillation process. Company founder Walter Rau developed Speick Soap, the first fine skin care soap, in 1928. Rau’s goal was to harness the unique harmonising effect of the Speick plant for human use. Speick has a calming effect on the central nervous system while simultaneously stimulating the vegetative nervous system.

    Made in Germany

    Size: 3.50 oz / 100g