• Pasta Del Capitano Plaque Remover Mouthwash

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  • Pasta Del Capitano Mouthwash - Plaque Remover  Formula

    Pasta del Capitano Plaque Remover Mouthwash is an alcohol-free formula and is particularly recommended for frequent use.
    The Pasta del Capitano Mouthwash contains Triclosan, an antibacterial agent having a considerable antiplaque function, that, combined with Essential Oils, counters bad breath maintaining the breath pleasantly scented for a long time. The Fluorine Salts extend the action of the normal toothpaste, strengthening the tooth enamel and contributing to the prevention of cavities. Also, the presence of the Asiatic Pennywort extract carries acts as an astringent and has a soothing action on the gingival tissue.

    Size: 400 ml Plastic Bottle

    Made in Milano, Italy

    Pasta Del Capitano