• Institut Karité Paris 60% Melting Shea Butter - Large

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  • Institut Karité Paris 60% Melting Shea Butter - Large

    Institut Karité Paris 65% Melting Shea Butter is definitely a MUST HAVE product.  For ages, Shea Butter has been a universal and irreplaceable care item.  It moisturizes, nourishes, protects and rejuvenates the skin.  Apply this multiple‐purpose product on hands, lips, face, body and hair. A real must have for daily needs! This luxurious product is perfumed with milk cream, the identity fragrance of the brand, with delicate notes that brings back nice memories of our childhood.

    Institut Karité Paris has developed a very exclusive and unique Shea Butter-based cosmetic line.  The cosmetic features of Shea Butter are rich and provide exceptional vitamins that help to meet the skin's essential needs : Vitamins A and D for skin revitalization, Vitamin E for reoxygenating and Vitamin F for elasticity.  Institut Karité Paris is unique thanks to the fact that the whole line is simple and natural and has a high concentration of Shea Butter.

    Scent: Milk Cream

    Size: 165 ml / 5.6 fl. oz.

    Made in France

    Institut Karite Paris