• Floid Amber Aftershave 400ml

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  • Floid Amber Aftershave 400ml

    The quintessential Italian Barbershop aftershave!  Floid comes in an old-school (apothecary-type) thick glass bottle with a bakelite cap.

    Available in two distinctly different scents; The Blue is lightly mentholated and has a fresh, clean (powdery, leathery) scent that is cooling and refreshing; The Amber is also mentholated but less noticeable on the nose, the scent is sweeter and lightly citrus-y but still possesses an old-school barbershop flair!  Both versions are personal favorites of mine and are highly recommended.

    Be sure to add the matching atomizer in the accessories section; this device truly brings these Italian classics to yet another level!

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