• Leocrema Tummy Slimming Cream

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  • Tummy and hips modelling effect cream with Fucus, Pineapple, Ginkgo Biloba, Pennywort, Escin and Caffeine.

    Cream with shaping effect, effective for hips and tummy. With its tonifying effect, it helps to shape the waist line and to firm the stomach and hips. It also helps to reduce water retention, it helps the microcirculation and it stimulates the metabolism of fat facilitating the elimination of adipose deposits.


    Apply the product preferably after a bath or shower to dry skin. Massage the hips and tummy well until it has been completely adsorbed. For best results, apply once a day every day for 30 days. To maintain results, apply the product twice a week.


    Fucus Vesciculosus: raises the metabolism and exerts a strong draining effect.

    Ananas Sativas: encourages the elimination of liquids, and helps eliminate swelling.

    Indian Pennywort: firming and revitalising properties.

    Escin: has a draining and toning effect, combating the stagnation of liquids.

    Ginkgo: improves the circulation and reduces swelling of the tissues.

    Caffeine: contributes to the mobilisation of fats and their elimination.

    Made in Italy

    Size: 200 ml