• RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand (Choice of Black or Ivory)

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    • RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand (Choice of Black or Ivory)-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
    • RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand (Choice of Black or Ivory)-RazoRock-ItalianBarber
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  • The #1 request we receive at ItalianBarber is... "Do you have a brush stand that holds your brushes from the handle, not from where the hairs/fibers meets the handle?" Honestly, we didn't even realize there was a need, but after receiving similar requests hundreds of times over, we decided these stands must be 'a thing.'

    The RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand was designed to fit most of the RazoRock brushes we sell, plus it will accomodate many other brush handle designs from other manufacturers. It is a solid resin stand that is stable, sturdy and the best of all, VERY AFFORDABLE. We believe it's important to hang a brush upside down, both after use and for long-term storage. Hanging a brush upside down serves two purposes, a) gravity gets the moisture out from deep in the knot, allowing the brush to dry better and keeping the knot lasting longer, and, b) it prevents dust from getting up inside your knot, so when you grab a brush you haven't used in a while, you don't have to clean all the household airborne dust from deep inside the knot!

    The RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand is available in two colors, black and ivory, both have a nice glossy finish. The prongs that hold your handle have a beveled edge to hold the brush stable and to minimize/prevent any marking. We know this is only a sub $5 item, but a lot of thought and design went into this stand and we hope you enjoy it!

    In photos 3, 4 & 5 on the left, you will see 11 different RazoRock brushes hanging on the stand. Below is also a list of brushes that will fit. If we sell a brush at ItalianBarber and you are interested to know if fits, don't hesitate to shoot us an email.

    Stand Height: 125 mm

    Prong Width: 31 mm

    The RazoRock Universal Stand will accomodate the following brushes:

    RazoRock Original Plissoft

    RazoRock Snowman

    RazoRock BC

    RazoRock Big Brush

    RazoRock Bruce

    RazoRock Disruptor 

    RazoRock F-400 (Big Red 400)

    RazoRock Monster

    RazoRock Beehive

    RazoRock Barber Handle (Italian Flat, Chrome, Black)

    RazoRock Keyhole

    RazoRock 506 Handle 

    RazoRock 505 Handle (near middle)

    RazoRock Blondie Boar

    Semogue Owner's Club Handle

    Omega 20106